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Video: Calgarians don't know Iveson; Edmontonians don't recognize Nenshi

Some hailed him "Edmonton’s Nenshi."

And yet Calgarians don’t seem to know who Edmonton mayor-elect Don Iveson is.

Likewise, Edmontonians still have a tough time placing His Purpleness — even after three years in office.

At least that’s based on a not-so-scientific survey conducted by Metro Calgary and Metro Edmonton on Wednesday.

See the results here:

It’s easy to connect the dots between Iveson, 34, and Naheed Nenshi, 41.

One is a young, magnetic politico who scored a towering majority in a civic election this week.

The other, a slightly older populist figure, gobbled up nearly three-quarters of the mayoral votes on the same day.

Political scientist Chaldeans Mensah noted both men share a progressive bent in their outlook.

“They are part of a new wave of generational shift in Alberta politics, as young leaders take up leadership positions in different levels of government,” said Mensah of MacEwan University.

Mensah pointed out Iveson has more support from the business and development sectors than Nenshi, who faces opposition from some such interests.

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