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Body of missing Calgary businessman found 'peacefully looking at the view at 6,000 feet'

More than two weeks after a Calgary business executive went missing, his family says he's been found dead near Lake Louise.

Finance executive Michael Gardner's body was reportedly found Thursday.

"He was, according to the park rangers, peacefully looking at the view at 6,000 feet leaning against a tree," relative Dominique Gregoire said Friday. "He would've fallen asleep and died of hypothermia, I guess."

Police have now ruled out foul play.

Gardner's body was airlifted from the area near Lake Louise to the Calgary Medical Examiner's Office. An autopsy is scheduled Monday.

He was last seen on Oct. 29.

Earlier this week,  his dark-coloured Volvo was discovered in the Bow Lake parking lot near Highway 93.

Gregoire said her family was relieved by his recent discovery.

"Now we can have closure and move on," Gregoire told Metro.

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