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Calgary Bigfoot believer sells Survivorman on Sasquatch — sort of

Bigfoot hunter Todd Standing has pitched many skeptics on the legendary primates, but perhaps none tougher than the Survivorman.

For two weeks this past fall, Standing and TV’s Les Stroud combed the deep brush in the Kootenays and a central Alberta hamlet for a new series in search of the elusive beast.

On a promotional tour-stop in Calgary this week, Stroud called Alberta one of the “hottest spots in the world” to chase the hominid-like creatures. Asked about the experience, the Canadian survival expert played coy over what viewers will see when the final two episodes air this March.

“Evidence of what? Evidence of things that could be argued about whether or not they’re tracks of an unknown species or are they simply tracks of a big bear,”  Stroud told Metro.

“I saw lots of things like that.”

Stroud has garnered famed for trekking through remote corners of the world armed with only a video camera and keen set of survival skills.

And Standing confirms the tough-as-nails Survivorman is “the real deal” following their trailblazing expedition.

“He’s got a real deep soul. (Stroud) will do a Sasquatch call and it’s gorgeous — it sounds amazing because he’s got this beautiful voice," Standing said.

“He’ll play a harmonica or a guitar out in the middle of nowhere and it’s beautiful.”

While careful not to leak any show secrets, Standing claims there were sightings to back-up what he's asserted for a decade.

“It gets to the point where he looks at me and says, ‘That’s real.’”

It’s not the first time the TV spotlight has landed on Standing and his research into the hairy, arguably mythical beasts. In 2011, he was interviewed for a Discovery Channel show “Finding Bigfoot.”

The head of the Calgary Sylvanic group insists evidence is mounting in his favour, citing findings of hair, footprints, and witness testimony.

“We’re right on the cusp of making this discovery,” Standing said.

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