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Dozens of tips roll in after dead pets left in Calgary alley

Whoever dumped two scrawny animal corpses in a southeast alley remained at large Friday as investigators followed up on the dozens of tips rolling in.

A feline was discovered Thursday in the 200 block of 99th Avenue SE, just metres from where a young female husky was found starved to death Jan. 9. Both animals had their muzzles taped shut.

After appealing for help Thursday, the Calgary Humane Society received at least 25 tips via phone and email before the voicemail system went on the fritz.

Brad Nichols, the society’s head of cruelty investigations, said a few tips were “worth following up on.” Although, he acknowledged it takes reasonable and probable grounds to obtain a search warrant.

“We have to have something tangible to tie these animals to a specific address,” he said. “That can be challenging.”

Still, Nichols pledged vigilant action in the case.

“We’ve had officers in the area all day tracking down leads,” he said. “We continue to bang away at it.”

It's still unclear if the two cases are connected. Nichols also estimated necropsy reports would not be complete until early next week.

If convicted of animal cruelty, perpetrators could face up to five years in prison, fines up to $20,000 and a lifetime ban on owning pets.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Calgary Humane Society at 403-205-4455.

Calgary group Vets To Go has pledged a $10,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

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