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Autistic consultants with Calgary-based Meticulon already in high demand

Calgary-based Meticulon has just opened for business and already it can’t keep up with the demand for its consultants, all of whom have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

“It’s a good problem to have,” CEO Garth Johnson said Thursday. “It’s a question of walk before you run.”

The startup currently exists as a sub-project of Autism Calgary but has a goal of eventually becoming financially self-sustaining.

Its business model is based on recruiting and training people on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum and then connecting them with employers looking to fill jobs that require the type of hyper-focus and attention to detail that many people with autism exhibit.

Meticulon only began assessing its first consultant in November – a process which includes hours of rigorous testing in logic, math and language skills – but already it has graduated two people through the program, both of whom have already found jobs in data analysis.

As news of Meticulon spread, Johnson said there has been an overwhelming expression of interest from prospective employers in a variety of fields.

George Lochhead is considering hiring a consultant through Meticulon to help with the painstaking work of auditing of “fine data points” related to resources projects.

“We were looking for people we can retain in this type of job and have enjoyment doing it, and be highly accurate,” he said.

Johnson thinks Meticulon consultants would be a good fit.

“They’re using to two people to do a job right now that we think one person could do,” he said.

Meticulon still remains in a “proof-of-concept” phase, Johnson added, and it will move slowly but surely to meet the demand for consultants.

“We probably could create 15 jobs by the end of the quarter, but we wouldn’t have the people and we wouldn’t be able to fill them with confidence,” he said. “So, what we’re saying to people is let’s make a plan, and we’ll get people to you when we’re sure they can do the job.”

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