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Woman dies in Calgary hospital after being hit by vehicle

Calgary recorded its fourth pedestrian fatality of 2014 Sunday, after a pick-up truck hit an 82-year-old woman and threw her six metres in the city's Chinatown area, according to police.

The collision happened shortly before 10 a.m., police said, when an eastbound Dodge Dakota, driven by a 40-year-old man, started to turn left from 3 Avenue onto northbound Centre Street.

The pickup truck struck the 82-year-old woman, who was walking westbound across Centre Street in the crosswalk on the north side of the intersection, according to the initial investigation, which has not yet determined who was at fault.

A witness who was riding on a nearby bus at the time told Metro the bus driver stopped and ran out to help the woman, who was lying motionless in the street, along with numerous other people, including a man who appeared to the be driver of the truck.

“I say that because the person was going back and forth from his truck to the injured lady,” said the witness, who asked that his name not be published. “Within a few minutes people from all over came to provide assistance by providing blankets and tending to the victim.”

The bus driver “looked pretty shooken up” when she returned to the bus, the witness added.

“She said that the victim was bleeding from her head,” he said.

The woman was taken to Foothills Hospital in critical condition, said EMS spokesman Adam Loria.

Police said she died in hospital around 4:30 p.m.

The driver of the truck was not injured.

The Calgary Police Service's Traffic Section is still investigating, but officers believe neither speed nor alcohol were factors in the collision.

Any additional witnesses who have not yet spoken to police are asked to call 403-567-4000.

Nine pedestrians were killed on Calgary streets in 2013.

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