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‘Team Zeus’ building electric superbike at the University of Calgary

Powered just by batteries – lots and lots of batteries – a superbike being built by a team of students at the University of Calgary is expected to top 160 km/h and, if all goes well, compete in an international circuit of zero-emission motorcycles this summer.

“Team Zeus,” made up largely of students from the Schulich School of Engineering, has stripped a 2004 Suzuki GSXR 600 of its gasoline-burning parts and is converting the bike to electric power.

Dubbed, “The Zephyr,” the bike is their second such project.

"The first one we built was just sort of a practice bike to prove we were serious,” said team president Siegfried Baumann. "For this one we're actually using professional level-equipment and we have two motors on it, both running one chain. It's far more powerful."

The goal is to enter the bike in this summer’s FIM eRoad Racing World Championship, an international series of races for electric bikes, said team member Matt Hill.

For that, though, Team Zeus needs more and better batteries to power The Zephyr, which they’re trying to fund through a Kickstarter campaign.

“You can get cheaper batteries, but they just won’t get us to the speeds that are capable of competing,” Hill said.

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