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Young Calgary violinist to take the stage at Carnegie Hall

The same hall that has hosted iconic bands like The Beatles will soon host Calgary’s own Amilia Hildahl, an 11-year-old violinst.

Hildahl received honourable mention in the American Protégé International Piano and Strings competition after her mom Violetta Hildahl submitted a video of her playing. The prize for that honourable mention is playing one song on the stage at Carnegie Hall on May 26.

"I’ve played in front of crowds, but even for me, Carnegie is like, wow,” said Amilia. “I’m definitely getting more and more excited and nervous as the time gets closer.”

Coming from a musical family, Amilia has been involved in music for the vast majority of her young life and has been a Mount Royal Conservatory student for several years. She now plays second violin in the Conservatory’s Junior Orchestra.

6 to 18

The American Protégé competition for school students is open to kids ranging in age from six to 18 years old.

Taking a chance, Violetta filmed Amilia playing a few songs and submitted the tape to the competition in January.

Three weeks later, they received notice that she would be playing at Carnegie and Violetta said the call to Amilia at her school to tell her the news was an emotional one.

“In a way, it does give her a huge advantage in the sense that it shows when she works hard and she practices, there is a payoff.”

The Hildahl’s are looking to raise money for a new violin, which Amilia will be playing at Carnegie. Those interested in donating can contact Violetta at

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