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Calgary man aims to eat dozens of Stampede breakfasts

He might be flipping mad or just flat-out hungry, but one pancake enthusiast plans to scarf down at least 30  — maybe 40 — Calgary Stampede breakfasts before this year’s 10-day hootenanny winds down.

Kyle MacQuarrie, a self-described “sucker for the ridiculous,” attempted a similar quest in 2012, tallying 14 breakfasts in his inaugural binge.

While he forever swore off free flapjacks and sausages after that, friends have persuaded him to pick up the feedbag once again.

The hunt for hotcakes has led MacQuarrie out of his far-flung southeast suburb and across the city.

“I’m not picky,” he said Monday. “I’ll go wherever the breakfasts take me.”

MacQuarrie insists his wife and kids understand the experience that he’s dubbed “Pancakageddon” on Twitter.

Some, however, are less supportive of such gluttonous endeavours.

“Stampede tends to be a time of indulgence, but you can take things too far,” said Amber Romaniuk, a nutritionist who’s hosting a sold-out health-conscious Stampede breakfast at Hotel Arts on July 9.

“As much as it’s fun, I’d be curious to know how he feels at the end of every day.”

MacQuarrie, for the record, ate five breakfasts on Sunday and “doesn’t recommend it.”

Still he appreciates the cowboy spirit shown throughout the city.

“Everybody’s friendly so far this time of year,” he said. “No matter how long you’re standing in line — at the end of the day it’s all about the pancakes and sausages.”

Registered dietitian Samara Felesky-Hunt suggested MacQuarrie load up on fibre to counteract the likely “insurmountable” amount of fatty, calorie-laden eats.

“He’s definitely going to have that Stampede food hangover,” she said, adding the after-effects could be felt for weeks.

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