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Alison Redford's Aura of Power inspires video game

Alison Redford’s quest for a sky palace can now continue, but only digitally through a new game from an Edmonton studio.

With a reference to the auditor general's damming report, Aura of Power is the latest game from Rocketfuel Games, who normally create educational and training games for companies and governments.

In this game the only learning is about the depth of the former premier’s scandals.

Rocketfuel’s CEO Jason Suriano said when he saw the reporting emerge following the scandal they saw an opportunity to have a little fun.

“I took it to my team and started brainstorming a little bit and then we just decided to build it,” he said.

During the game an animated character named Alison has to dodge obstacles and reporters, while collecting diamonds and tax dollars, on her way to a sky palace.

There is, however, a pretty significant catch.

“She is trying to dodge the media on the way to the sky palace, but the thing is you can’t actually get the character to the sky palace, because she never made it,” said Suriano.

Rocketfuel has done education games for several government departments and Suriano said initially they did have some fear about biting the hand that feeds.

“That was our first reaction, because the studio has actually done work with almost every government department,” he said.

He said as a result the game is purposely light-hearted and he said they haven’t had any negative feedback from anyone in government.

“They’ve had a pretty good laugh about it.”

Aura of Power

  • The game is available for Android and iOS devices and Suriano said they have already had more than 1,000 downloads.
  • The auditor general used the phrase “aura of power” in his report to describe why government bureaucrats declined to challenge the former premier on her decisions.

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