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Five new residents now live in Brentwood home where Calgary's worst mass murder occurred

Six months after five people were killed in a Brentwood home in Calgary’s worst mass murder, five new residents are attempting to restore some spirit In the community where such a dark event unfolded.

Zackariah Rathwell, Lawrence Hong, Joshua Hunter, Jordan Segura and Kaiti Perras were stabbed to death at a party near the University of Calgary while celebrating the end of the school year in April. Police charged 23-year-old Matthew de Grood with first-degree murder.

Kadin Osborne, who bought the house in September with the aim of helping the Brentwood community heal, said the reaction from neighbours has been positive since he moved in.

“It’s been really good actually,” Osborne said. “It’s just an incredible neighbourhood. They’ve just been so receptive to us, and they’ve been helping us with so many different things.”

Osborne lives with four other men whom he met at the Centre Street Church. He said all of them are in the house for the long haul, and they all want to bring restoration and life back into the house.

“I think we’ve done that to some extent, just having a presence of life there,” he said. “There’s laughter back in the house, and life, and love.”

Greg Vanderwielen, who has lived with Osborne for almost two months, said just having people living in the house has brightened the community.

“I know the neighbours are really happy to see life in that house. It’s a good feeling living there, I don’t feel any darkness at all,” Vanderwielen said.

Doug Jones, who has lived in the area for 27 years, talks to his new neighbours often.

“It’s nice to have people living there,” Jones said. “We’re just happy that it’s over and we can move on.”

Family plea

The accused in the Brentwood case, 23-year-old Matthew de Grood, has had two psychiatric assessments and has been declared fit to stand trial when the proceedings begin next year.

There is currently a publication ban on the results of the assessment, as well as other information about the case, and families of the victims are asking media outlets o reverse their request to have this information released to the public.

In a letter issued through the Calgary police Monday, the families said details of the case should not be released before the trial begins, and asked for the media’s sympathy and understanding

According to the letter, a judge will make a decision on the matter on Nov. 26.

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