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Calgary's first co-ed naked yoga class is for body confidence, not a steamy practice

You’ve heard of naked yoga, the bare-all activity that swept the nation in whispers, piquing the curiosity of downward dog newcomers and seasoned warrior pose veterans. But there’s a new class in town that’s raising eyebrows for some and warranting sun salutations from others.

Naked Yoga has made it’s way to Calgary, and now the class is offered to co-ed students. Katherine Medina found a home for her class at Like Minded People studio after nearly three months of searching and ran her first class open to the public Friday.

“I go in and I read them the riot act,” Medina said. “I tell them if you’re here for an orgasm you’re in the wrong place, this is yoga.”

Being one of the few in Canada to publicly advertise her classes, and according to her, the only person offering the co-ed option, Medina gets some hate.

“I don’t mind that feedback necessarily,” Medina said. “People need to feel removing clothing it’s just one of those symbolic ways of removing restrictions.”

The focus of the class is body positive, aiming to help folks build up self confidence. Often people’s intentions for coming to the first class are mixed, Medina said, adding sometimes people go thinking they will get ogled or hit on.

“They’re pleasantly surprised it’s not like that at all,” said Medina.

To check out a class contact, or visit Naked Yoga YYC

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