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Former Wildrose exec who quit over gay rights to now run for Alberta Party in Calgary

Terrence Lo, the former Wildrose vice-president for Calgary-Glenmore who resigned last fall over concerns the party was controlled by an “angry, bigoted” cabal opposed to gay rights, now plans to run as a candidate for the Alberta party in the same constituency.

“I departed Wildrose over the human rights thing and they still haven’t really corrected it,” Lo said Wednesday.

After spending some time in the “political wilderness,” Lo said he met with Alberta Party leader Greg Clark about doing communications work for the party, as he had done with Wildrose.

“The next thing I find out is that they saw me as a viable candidate because of my social media work and my exposure and everything, so they asked me to run,” he said.

In his November resignation letter to the Wildrose, Lo said, as an Asian atheist who’s a father to a gay son, he couldn’t in good conscience stick with the party, after members rejected a policy statement promising to respect the rights of minority groups, including gays and lesbians.

Lo's resignation letter to the Wildrose:

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