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Calgary Beakerhead crew searching for artist to build mushroom brick installation

Calgary’s infamous Beakerhead fall extravaganza is seeking a unique type of artist to take on a unique type of project: building a large installation strictly out of mushroom bricks.

And what are mushroom bricks, one might ask? They are exactly what they sound like — bricks made from organic mushrooms.

With the aim of discouraging dependencies on plastics and focusing on creative, environmentally-friendly innovations, Beakerhead is working in conjunction with the Trico Charitable Foundation to build a mushroom brick installation to be showcased during Beakerhead’s September festivities.

Beakerhead representatives are calling for any artists or architectures interested in taking on a mushroom-related endeavour to apply for the job. Invented by U.S. based company Ecovative Design, mushroom bricks are made of a combination of mushrooms and agricultural waste.

What’s been dubbed an “outdoor engineered art installation” will be constructed at a site not yet identified in Kensington, and will be unveiled Sept. 16. The deadline for applications to take on the project is May 24, and the winner will be announced June 10.

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