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Calgary-based app maps out sports fields and courts

With more than 60 tennis courts, a dozen athletic parks and many more free City of Calgary facilities at Calgarian's doorsteps it's no surprise finding a field sometimes equates to a needle in a haystack.

It started from a crowded tennis court; Bilal Karim, one of the developers, couldn't seem to find a sweet spot to practice his swing. So, seven months ago he and his friend Rustam Kamberov began developing a tool for Calgarians to help locate new courts and other sports facilities around town.

"It grew into more than just tennis, and more than just viewing locations," said Karim. "It's built using open data, we've also open sourced the codes, it's free, we just want people to use it and hopefully it will be a part of their lives this season."

He said they've incorporated a rating system and it even allows users to link up with Google maps to find the directions to their favourite diamond, field or court.

Caitlin Young, who plays softball for the Calgary Red Sox, said the app could be pretty useful for those hunting down a specific diamond.

"For minor leagues, and people who have to find a diamond based on a code from the City, I think this would be beneficial," said Young. "Parents driving all around town trying to find out which specific diamond their kid is playing on, I think this could definitely be beneficial for them,"

She added it would be great to see how the rating system plays out, as some fields can be weed filled or under-utilized.

In the future, Karim hopes to partner with the City of Calgary to integrate more features in the app including some winter sports features as well as bookings and field availability.

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