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Calgary’s animation community celebrates 30 years in the making

Painstaking focus, unfiltered imagination and voluntary confinement sum up a day in the life of an animator.

Tyler Longmire, production coordination for the Quickdraw Animation Society, said the meticulous work of local animators is now open to the public with an animation exhibit celebrating Quickdraw’s 30th anniversary.

“With animation you basically sit in a dark box for a year,” Longmire said with a laugh. “It can be a very solitary medium to work in. The exhibit showcases works of the animators and gives them a chance to come together.”

Longmire explained that 30 years running is not only a huge milestone for artist-run centres in Calgary, but is also an indication that animation may becoming a more popular medium to work in.

“There’s definitely a surging interest in it,” Longmire said. “The art of animation is more present than ever, and I think it’s mostly because a lot of culture now is very film, media and internet-based.”

Whatever the reason, Quickdraw’s long-standing presence in the Calgary community has sent the work of local animators worldwide to renowned events like the Melbourne International Film Festival and the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival.

“We’ve been pretty instrumental in fostering this community,” Longmire said. “It’s nice to see the effect the society has had on the scene over the last 30 years.”

Hosted at Untitled Arts Society, the Quickdraw exhibit features compilations of animations and runs until May 30.

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