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Gun violence worries northeast Calgary residents, mayor expects 'an end to this, soon'

Ongoing gun violence in several Calgary neighbourhoods has residents increasingly concerned, says a northeast city councillor, but Mayor Naheed Nenshi says he believes police have the problem under control.

Ward 5 Coun. Ray Jones said Monday his office has been receiving a growing number of calls from residents worried about a series of recent incidents involving gunfire. In one of the most recent cases, two men were shot inside a vehicle, one fatally.

Jones said his constituents are becoming unsettled.

"They realize they're targeted shootings, but there's very little information that can come from the police because of an ongoing investigation," he said during Monday's city council meeting. "But, because of the severity of what's being happening, at some point in time we know there's going to be a random bullet that going to go and it's going to hit an innocent bystander."

Nenshi said he has been briefed by the police chief on the situation and, while he's limited in what he can say publicly about their operations to counter the surge in shootings, he has faith they are on top of things.

"It is very true that these are targeted and they are part of an ongoing investigation on – and, you see, I have to be careful – on a particular criminal matter. It's not to hard to figure out what I'm talking about," the mayor said. "However, I'm very confident that our police service, having been through what happened in '05, '06, '07, '08, and having broken the back of that kind of gang activity, knows exactly what they're doing."

Nenshi acknowledged that may come as "cold comfort" to the people who live in the neighbourhoods where "these issues have been very concentrated" but

"We should see an end to this soon," the mayor said.

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