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Green Line LRT blitz scheduled at Calgary bus stops to encourage funding support


Over the next week, volunteers will be posted up at bus stops along the proposed Green Line LRT route encouraging riders to continue the talk of funding increased transit.  

In speaking with commuter, volunteers hope to incite support for an improved Green Line LRT by getting riders to contact their MLAs before October's provincial budget.  

“With the summer’s commitment by the federal government of $1.53 billion towards the Green Line project, there’s been a lot of optimism that the Green Line can begin moving forward,” said Jeff Binks, President of the LRT on the Green Foundation said in a release.

“Unfortunately the Federal funding only represents one third of the funding required for this project. Without participation from the Provincial government, this transformative project will stall out.”

LRT on the Green is a not-for-profit organization who said their objective is to unite Calgarians behind their goal to have an “LRT operating on the Green Line in both the North Central and South East corridors by the year 2021.”

Binks said they understand the low price of oil will require the provincial government to make “tough decisions,” but said an investment in the Green Line LRT would be an “investment in Albertans.”

“This will create jobs and will have a long-term positive effect on how this city grows as we prepare to welcome our next one million residents,” he said.

Binks said the Alberta government should take a page from the City of Calgary and the Federal government who have “committed to funding this project through small annual payments over multiple years.”

Coun. Shane Keating, whose ward 12 residents would be major benefactors to a southeast leg of the LRT, said he's spoken with Calgarians who believe this project is “critically important.”

Keating he's encouragd by discussions on funding with the provincial government, with one third of the project's estimated $4.6 billion cost still yet to be determined.

“I'm confident we should see some progress in the months to follow,” said Keating.

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