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Donald Trump's anti-Muslim comments don't worry Mayor Nenshi

Nenshi said community must stand up for what is good and decent

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Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he’s not worried about travelling to the US in the future – this after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Muslims should be banned from entering the US.

Nenshi, himself a Muslim, jokingly tweeted that nobody should tell his mother or sister they have to cancel their Hawaii vacation.

“I make fun of it because how else do you deal with ridiculous things than to treat them lightly?” asked the mayor. “But in addition to treating them lightly, I think as a community we need to stand up as good and decent people for what is good and decent.”

He said while it's easy to dismiss hateful language as a joke, he said it’s not funny anymore and added that a lot of people are getting hurt by language.

Nenshi compared Trump’s suggestions to those of online commenters.

“It’s like online commenters are running for president,” said the mayor.

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