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Guidance needed before city can apply for Green Line Funding

Province has still not committed to one third of the project cost

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In a not-so-entertaining tennis match, the City of Calgary is still rallying back and forth with the provincial government for the final third of funding needed to go full steam ahead with the Green Line project – and according to one councillor, the ball is very much in the NDP court.

Coun. Shane Keating is bringing forward a notice of motion to analyze the Green Line's carbon footprint in an attempt to appeal to the government's carbon tax fund.

"The issue with the province is that we have never once sat down with them and said 'give us a cheque tomorrow' or 'start the funds rolling in ASAP.'" said Keating. "All we're asking the province to do is to come forward in their five year capital plan and identify that they will fund the Green Line once the application is in…and how they will be able to fund it."

In Monday's council meeting both Keating and Mayor Naheed Nenshi joked the province's only response to Green Line questions is that an application isn't in yet, and that the city hasn't formally asked for money.

A spokesperson for the Minister of Transportation sent Metro a written statement about the Green Line funding options Wednesday.

"Our government remains committed to expansion of affordable, accessible public transit across the province. As part of this commitment, we continue to meet with our municipal partners to discuss priority issues, including public transit," read the statement. "The City of Calgary has not reached out to us to ask for funding, but we are open to proposals from anyone."

Keating noted that so far the city has identified four different ways the Green Line could be funded – when the city started talking Green Line there was only one.

The Ministry's statement continues on to say that a total of $4.4 billion is allocated in the 2015-20 Capital Plan to new projects and programs.  

"Specific new projects and programs will be identified in future Capital Plans, once appropriate planning and review has been completed," read the statement. "There will also be a third call for Green TRIP applications in the coming months, within the first quarter of 2016, and Calgary and its regional partners will be able to apply for Green TRIP funding for its Green Line. Government is making thoughtful and prudent decisions to continue to chip away at the infrastructure deficit in the province and ensure that the right infrastructure is built at the right time."

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