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Calgary councillor calls for residential traffic enforcement

If approved, Keating’s motion would give CPS latitude to develop new strategies

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Imagine a police cruiser not roaming neighbourhood roads merely to serve and protect, but to radar in on residential speeding.

It’s an idea Coun. Shane Keating has been working on for a while, and his notice of motion going before council Monday could take the city a step closer.

The problem with residential speeding enforcement, according to Keating, is that sworn officers assigned to monitor residential speed limits generally get called away to more pressing crimes before long.

Keating said it could be possible to have people who are certified to operate radar who are not sworn officers.

“I heard bylaw officers can give out speeding tickets if they have the right certification,” he said.

He thinks the idea could be taken further, and he’s been talking to CPS about the possibility. Keating’s motion calls on the force to develop a residential traffic enforcement team framework.

Staff Sgt. Paul Stacey said the notice of motion is exciting for the police because it give them the spark to try something new.

He said although he feels CPS is doing a good job, they’re always striving to do better and to find new ways of tackling issues.

“We’re not necessarily looking at non-police officers doing this – but right now the field is wide open and we have lot of latitude to come up with options to present to council in November. “

Keating said his motion goes hand-in-hand with the city’s new focus on pedestrian safety.  

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