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Co-ed naked yoga picking up steam in Calgary

Valentine's couples get closer with nude practice

A Calgary yogi is offering couples' yoga classes in the buff - only for Valentine's day.


A Calgary yogi is offering couples' yoga classes in the buff - only for Valentine's day.

A handful of Calgarians looking for a different kind of zen have been ditching the lycra for a new kind of downward dog.

It's been over a year since Katherine Medina began running co-ed naked yoga classes in Calgary and she says business just keeps picking up steam. What started as classes with two or four nude yoga students has grown to packed classes of 20 to 30 – and month after month her database keeps growing.

As of last week, over 300 Calgarians had signed up with Medina at one point in time.

"It literally is growing week by week, I get probably two to three people every week, without fail, every class I have has at least one new person in it," Medina said.

She said her clients fall into two categories - the regular nudists and those looking to scratch a nude sun salutation off their bucket list.

For those out of the loop on what naked yoga is all about – get your mind out of the gutter. It's a totally non-sexual experience. So, you may be surprised that Medina is offering a Valentine's Day class to couples.

"It's not even necessarily about anybody who needs yoga experience at all, it's a very very slow practice," Medina said. "Lots of looking at each other, lots of touching each other, supporting each other…it's not very serious it's fun."

She said it's more about connecting as a couple and seeing each other naked in a totally non-sexual context.

"Even though I'll have three or four couples, they'll each have their own corner and they'll have time to get to know each other, support each other and be together," Medina said. "None of my yoga classes, or these nude events are sexual…it's all about supporting each other."

Although to her there's nothing wrong with a daily practice in the buff she's had to move locations twice after the spaces she was renting told her their regular clientele weren't comfortable going somewhere where nude yoga is also held.

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