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Calgary 311 flooded with mitigation calls

Constituents concerned over flood mitigation plans

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Calgarians have flooding on their mind as the city nears the third anniversary of 2013's  historic flood.

On Monday, Coun. Diane Colley-Urquhart questioned city administration on the urgency of flood mitigation that could protect the City of Calgary and other jurisdictions in Southern Alberta.

"We can't wait another three years," said Colley-Urquhart.

According to city manager Jeff Fielding, they're hearing concerns a deluge of concerns from Calgarians.

"You're absolutely right, the number one issue right now on 311 through our call centre is public inquiries about flood issues and what we're doing about it as an organization," said Fielding.

"We've also seen correspondence from a variety of different areas of our city, from our citizens, wondering what our city's up to in terms of long-term flood mitigation."

Fielding suggested administration draft a letter for the province to outline the importance of the mitigation projects.

Rob Pritchard, General Manager, Utilities & Environmental Protection, said the city's upstream protection project in Springbank is years away from completion because land acquisition complications.

"Once Springbank is done and the Glenmore dam work is done we will have achieved significant flood protection on the Elbow. We're working on the Bow River," Pritchard said.

"It's going to be a lot harder to figure out what to do. We're entering into community engagement this year and hoping to come back to council in early 2017."

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