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Calgary's 'poop palace' wins wasteful spending award

The Teddy, a pig-shaped award, is given annually to government’s worst waste offenders

Courtesy/ City of Calgary

Oh sh--t. Calgary's public art has again made a mark, and not for being pretty.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) doles out pig shaped awards for the most wasteful government gaffs of the year. As part of the 17th annual ceremony, Calgary made the list for a public art project CTF said tipped the scales at $246,000.

“We’re tough on all government waste, but sometimes the best way to strike a nerve is to tell some of the most absurd stories,” said CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. “And sadly, the capacity for government to dream up new ways to waste money seems infinite.”

The City of Calgary spent a wad of cash to light up the Forest Lawn shed with LED lights that change colours depending on how fast waste water pumps through it.

“Most people would agree that our waste water is something to manage discreetly, rather than celebrated with an expensive hilltop art project,” noted Wudrick.

An honourable mention for the provincial prize was given to nominees the Alberta School Boards Association for their $41,000 expenses on an adult Easter egg hunt, off-site planning events and luxury hotel stays.

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