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Alberta NDP take aim at landlords

Bill opens discussions involving rental regulations

Bill 202 opens discussions involving rental regulations.

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Bill 202 opens discussions involving rental regulations.

The NDP government plans to wade into contentious landlord versus tenant dealings. 

Calgary East NDP MLA Robyn Luff’s Bill 202 — which has support from the Service Alberta ministry and most NDP caucus members — is set to be debated in the legislature. 

The Bill calls for the creation of an Affordable Housing Committee that must make recommendations regarding rent regulation, rent subsidies, and security deposits, among other affordability issues.

Luff said she’s open to a variety of models, including the implementation of a cap on how much landlords can raise the rent.

She takes issue with landlords being able to raise rents by as much as they’d like on only three months notice, she said, adding it’s too early to speculate how the committee with rule on regulations.

Gerry Baxter, executive director of the Calgary Residential Rental Association, said he’s open to consultation, but maintains that rental prices should be controlled by the market. 

“We just want to make sure — at the end of the day — that there are no policies that would eventually be enacted that might make problems even worse,” he said. 

Luff said she understands landlords may take issue with some rental regulation models, adding they were included in consultations so the committee can come up with the best solution.

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