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Calgary writer tackling men’s health through easy-to-read, comical book

Ben Samaroo’s Sincerely, Your Prostate addresses those “embarrassing” men’s health issues

Ben Samaroo hopes more men become aware of their health issues.

Jeremy Simes / For Metro

Ben Samaroo hopes more men become aware of their health issues.

Ben Samaroo never thought he’d be a writer — it’s something totally out of his wheelhouse.

But Samaroo, a downtown Calgary corporate lawyer, did indeed write a book — he couldn’t help but let younger men know that they, too, face particular health issues. 

Titled Sincerely, Your Prostate, Samaroo’s book gives a brief yet humorous glimpse into men’s health issues, tackling hemorrhoids and prostate checks, among others. 

Samaroo said he the idea for the book came after joking among friends about a hilarious love letter from a hemorrhoid.

“People seem to enjoy it,” he said. “If people can see a lighter side to those things, they can get more comfortable talking about them and realizing it’s something they shouldn't be ashamed of.”

He said the book gets people to talk about men’s health issues through laughter — many don’t feel comfortable talking about hemorrhoids, in particular. 

“(Hemorrhoids) aren’t life threatening but are things a lot of men experience and usually embarrassed to talk about,” he said. “The goal is to start the discussion about things like this to hopefully reduce the stigmas.”

All proceeds are donated from the book will go to the Canadian Cancer Society and the Men's Health Network.

Samaroo said getting people talking about it is more important than raising a lot of money. 

“I don’t know if a lot are going to buy it,” he said. “But there’s a lot of people here to support and share this message.”

Sincerely, Your Prostate is available online at

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