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Calgary Greenway campaigns erupt over Wildrose candidate's alleged unfair wage practices

The Wildrose Party say Devinder Toor didn't post the ad, saying it was scalped from

The NDP is accusing Wildrose candidate Devinder Toor of unfair wage practices.


The NDP is accusing Wildrose candidate Devinder Toor of unfair wage practices.

It just keeps getting messier. 

On Tuesday, Calgary Greenway NDP Candidate Roop Rai leaked a screen grab of an alleged Payless Liquor Store job advertisement that pays employees a minimum of $10 per hour, which is below the legal minimum of $11.20.

The catch? Calgary Greenway Wildrose candidate Devinder Toor owns the Payless Liquor Store chain. 

Rai said the advertisement — which was posted on Feb. 21, 2016 — is troubling.

"These postings suggest that his liquor stores take advantage of their employees by paying an illegal wage,” she said in a prepared statement. "It is inappropriate for him to be taking advantage of people in difficult economic times.”

The advertisement.

Screen Grab

The advertisement.

Jeremy Nixon, president of the Wildrose Party, said Toor didn’t post the advertisement. 

He said the ad appears to have been scraped from, which is the only website Toor posts job ads to. 

“It looks like the text came from an ad from May 13, 2014 … at the time the minimum wage was $9 per hour,” he said. “It’s difficult for me to speculate on why somebody would to do this. If this is part of the their political strategy … I don’t know.”

Toor’s Payless Liquor Store has also been embroiled in numerous Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) violations, which include allowing minors into a store, warnings about not ID’ing properly, and warnings about about staff not having ProServe certification.

The company’s latest violation found staff were selling “not for sale” items for cash. The company must pay $1,000 by Wednesday, or lose its license. 

Nixon declined to comment on Pay Less Liquor’s AGLC violations. 

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