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Jeromy Farkas launches 2017 campaign for Calgary Ward 11

Former Manning Foundation employee wants to see data-driven decisions

Jeromy Farkas is running for council in Ward 11.


Jeromy Farkas is running for council in Ward 11.

Jeromy Farkas thinks the time is right to start campaigning for a council seat.

With 18 months to go before the next municipal election, he’s the second candidate to officially launch a 2017 campaign in the city.

Farkas is running in Ward 11, which is currently held by Coun. Brian Pincott.

He said after years of watching council for his researching jobs, he’s ready to try his hand at serving on it.

“I think we are facing a once in a generation crisis in terms of the economy,” he said. “People don’t realize this could be a truly defining moment for what we do or don’t do.”

Farkas describes himself as a researcher by trade. He helped develop the website while working for the Manning Foundation.

He said he wants to see an increased focus on evidence-based decisions, rather than political decisions.

Ward 11 has been the epi-centre of the debate over the southwest transitway project. He said he was disappointed to see public consultations halted on the project.

“Often times I see council spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on consultants on reports – and I just wish they would tap into the best consultants that they have access to, and that’s the people that live in these communities.”

At the same time, he said he is an avid cyclist and believes there’s great value to be had in the right transit projects.

“My criticism is that we have a lot of secrecy surrounding projects like theses. We have that lack of consultation and a lot of questions around cost.”

At age 29, Farkas would definitely be one of the youngest councillors on council if he were successful in his campaign. He said he doesn’t see a lot of councillors that represent him and his generation.

“I lean conservative but that means I think government can and should do better. So I think we’re overdue for a serious rework of how government operates and who it’s serving,” he said.

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