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Urban farm documentary shows growing possibilities in Calgary

Cultivating Calgary's Local Food Resiliency is a home-grown documentary about what farming in the city

Audrey Smith, of New Urban Farm Partnerships (NUFP), believes the city could do more to attract urban farmers.

Helen Pike/ Metro

Audrey Smith, of New Urban Farm Partnerships (NUFP), believes the city could do more to attract urban farmers.

Sure, you garden in your backyard, neighbourhood, and balcony. But what about the city's backyard?

There's a growing culture in Calgary hoping to get farmers working closer to the core and planting in the city's under-utilized spots.

A documentary produced by New Urban Farm Partnerships (NUFP) tells this story through the city's current urban agriculture realm. The film takes a holistic look at what's sprouting in the city, and expands that to show what it could be.

"There are a lot of people, councillors included, who really don't know what's happening in the urban farming sector in our city, so in the absence of knowing, they can sometimes make judgements," said Audrey Smith, a member of NUFP.

"We wanted to show this is what urban farming is like in Calgary, and this is what it could be."

Filmmaker Kai Cabodyna aka "Wabi Sabi Libra" spent his summer filming, and then editing, what was supposed to be a short documentary – and quickly grew to be feature length

Cabodyna said the film had a lot of calls for action, and said councillors seemed receptive to try and elevate the agricultural systems.

"It could just be more embedded in our culture," Cabodyna said. He's also part of the local food movement himself, having co-founded Leaf Ninjas, a company that helps build sustainable food gardens and teaches people how to design better food-scapes.

Smith said her group is interested in partnerships that would give access to public land currently not available to farmers.

"Gardening is great, but farming is an employment sector," Smith said. "Part of what the film addresses is the ways that other cities are doing that."

The documentary is free online, and features Druh Farrell, Gian-Carlo Carra and Evan Woolley along with members of the urban farming community.

To learn more visit New Urban Farm Partnerships on their Facebook Page or website.  

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