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Calgary council hoping for more public parking partnerships

Currently the City of Calgary is hoping to create a better partnership with business in order to bolster Calgary Transit park-and-rides

Calgary's park-and-rides could become more integrated with private sector business.

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Calgary's park-and-rides could become more integrated with private sector business.

Your favourite shopping centre parkade may be packed on the weekend, but on a weekday while everyone’s on the job valuable parking spaces could be going to waste.

The City of Calgary and several private sector groups have already partnered to create coveted park-and-ride stalls along the CTrain line, but according to a report heard before the Transportation and Transit Committee on Wednesday, there’s more out there to be explored.

Movie theatres, hotels, parks, churches and even shopping malls could be on the city’s list of places to seek out partnerships and build opportunity when it comes to win-win negotiations on Calgary Transit park-and-ride arrangements. And then there’s the Green Line Transit Oriented Development with more opportunities in the city’s future.

“It’s a mentality shift, we have to embrace the private sector, but also benefit the public, and if you can get that balance that’s a win-win.” said Coun. Shane Keating.

He noted in the tour-de-transit he took with administration they saw partnerships where day-time parking for transit was offered by a Casino, and new developments were built around parking structures that paid for their own upkeep – instead of  single-use surface lots.

One of those ideal spots identified by Keating was the Southcentre Mall, especially because of its Plus 15 walkway already between Anderson Station and the mall.

“Southcentre is not currently a designated park-and-ride facility,” wrote Shawn Hanson, General Manager of Oxford Properties Group in an email. “If the right business opportunity presented itself, we would always provide thoughtful consideration in a potential partnership with City of Calgary.  However, our first priority is providing Southcentre guests and tenants with on site parking that meets or exceeds their expectations, as well as our operational requirements.”

Currently it’s not possible to just let transit in on your businesses parking. The report highlighted that most land-use policies don’t allow a dual use for parking lots – even if they’re conveniently close to a CTrain station.

That’s where “station area land-use policies” come in. They could allow relaxation into current policies and create these unique partnerships to help transit save a buck while expanding their parking repertoire.

Examples of some partnerships include the Calgary Zoo’s lot, where Calgary Transit fronted cash for 500 spaces on that lot that users can access by paying a fee. There’s a similar deal set up at the McMahon Stadium, Banff Trail station, and Marlborough Mall.

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