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25 years of grand productions at Calgary's Theatre Junction

Anniversary season unveiled, highlighting movement and documentary

Australian indie circus act Circa brings When a Door Closes to Calgary’s Theatre Junction Grand this season.

Courtesy Theatre Junction

Australian indie circus act Circa brings When a Door Closes to Calgary’s Theatre Junction Grand this season.

Documentary theatre steps into the spotlight for the 25th anniversary season at Theatre Junction.

Porte Parole’s Annabel Soutar leads her family through a cross-country trip across Canada, investigating the forces that shape the future of Canada’s natural resources. Specifically: what will happen to our water?

“It’s really about policy on water from the government, right down to what we think about using water in our cities,” said Mark Lawes, Theatre Junction artistic director.

“It’s an issue that I think is very poignant right now, and lots of people are thinking about it.”

Called The Watershed, it lands near the end the next season, in March 2017.

When putting together the new lineup of shows, Lawes said he was attracted to work that provokes emotion in him – art that is a catalyst for change.

Sometimes that’s a specific focus, like The Watershed, and other times it could be through movement, like in the season opener Intensional Particle.

Created by movement artist Japanese Hiroaki Umeda, the show weaves in elements of traditional dance with hip hop and a number of digital technologies to mimic nature.

“It’s quite intense visually and sonically,” Lawes said.

Jumping to the other end of the season, Circa, an Australian indie circus, will close out the line up with When a Door Closes.

Three great heroines of 20th century drama are thrown into a room together with nothing but scratched recordings of A Doll’s House as their soundtrack.

It’s an important year for Lawes – he first started Theatre Junction in 1991, where it was based out of the Jubilee auditorium.

In 2004, Theatre Junction made a bid to save the Grand Theatre, which had stood in Calgary for more than a century, but was slated to be demolished. They began the process of moving in, and Theatre Junction Grand officially opened 10 years ago.

 “Time has flown by, that’s for sure,” Lawes laughed. “I’m really excited to have our 10th anniversary season.”

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