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Calgary Transit review finds $9.2M in savings

Savings much needed as service feeling the pinch of the downturn

A Zero-Based Review of Calgary Transit operations found $9.2 million in savings.

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A Zero-Based Review of Calgary Transit operations found $9.2 million in savings.

An independent firm has found savings of $9.2 million in the city’s latest Zero-Based Review (ZBR) of the Calgary Transit service.

That’s kind of like finding 2.92 million CTrain tickets at the platform.

ZBRs aim to find efficiencies and savings without affecting service to the customer, and this one of transit going before a council committee on Tuesday is just the latest.

The review’s authors at Morrison-Hershfield made 10 final recommendations.

Administration has asked city council to accept nine of those recommendations, including transferring funding responsibility for the low income passes to another city department, contracting out janitorial and outdoor maintenance, and phasing out seniors’ yearly passes for other alternatives.

The one recommendation city staff wants to turn down involves contracting out the work of cleaning and servicing of buses in the fleet.

According to the report, contracting out that work would closely impact fleet maintenance, and the savings projected by the review’s authors would not actually be realized.

Coun. Shane Keating, chair of the city’s standing policy committee on transportation and transit, said the value of the savings will add up over the years because they are annual savings.

He said the timing is good because Calgary Transit has taken a hit in revenues during the economic downturn.

It remains to be seen what will happen with those savings.

“Whether or not it stays in their department or whether we supplement them another way – that’s something we’ll have to look at,” he said.

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