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Dog walking app Spots Calgary pups in need

Spot allows users to track walks and find walkers in a pinch

Chris has become a regular walker of Bella, who loves to go by the river.

Aaron Chatha / Metro

Chris has become a regular walker of Bella, who loves to go by the river.

Mark Lester is officially unleashing his army of dog walkers upon the unsuspecting canines of Calgary.

Well, they’re less an army, more a dedicated collection of dog lovers who want to make sure your faithful friends get the exercise and love they need during your busy work week.

The app, called Spot, aims to make finding a dog walker easy. Rather than searching Kijiji or asking friends, users can log onto Spot and schedule a dog walk – or even use the ASAP function to find a walker in an emergency if the office has kept you late at work.

“It’s designed to be an on-demand solution for people looking for a dog walker,” Lester said.”

“All dogs need exercise. There’s no worse feeling being a dog owner than knowing your dog is alone, at home – whining and probably tearing up your furniture in some way. People feel that real urge to walk home and walk their dog – and feel bad if they don’t.”

All dog walkers are insured with a police background check, and training from a registered professional.

As well, you can request specific dog walkers if you find Princess Barkandchew really  loves getting walks from Chris. Inversely, you can also request someone other than Chris walk your dog if you’re oddly jealous about your dog’s affections.

There are more perks to the app than just finding a walker in a pinch – Spot allows you to track your dog’s walk via GPS, to see where he went and how long the walk was. You can also chat with your dog walker at the end of the walk, get pictures of your dog and notifications when they dog walker enters and exits the house.

Spot is available on iOS and Android.

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