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Southeast BRT to get Deerfoot overpass

Feds and province announce funding for new LRT cars, station upgrades

The federal and provincial governments announced $85 million for Calgary Transit projects.

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The federal and provincial governments announced $85 million for Calgary Transit projects.

Federal and provincial funding announced Thursday will eventually have transit users in the southeast sailing over Deerfoot Trail.

Representatives from the federal and provincial governments were with city officials Tuesday announcing $85 million for transit projects in Calgary.

Those project include an expansion to the transitway on 17 Avenue SE, upgrades to LRT stations and money for new LRT cars.

Doug Morgan director of Calgary Transit said the expansion to the transitway will specifically be over the Deerfoot Trail.

“It will be a connection for buses as well as other pathway users like bikes and pedestrians, to be able to connect into 9 Avenue without waiting in those queues that happen on 17 Avenue.”

Some of the money will go to retire the older CTrain cars and purchase new Mask  CTrain cars. Morgan said the exact amount of cars remains to be determined but it will be fewer than 10.

The provincial Liberal party chided the NDP government for only putting forward one quarter of the funds instead of the usual 33 per cent.

“That’s disappointing considering all the time spent by the NDP talking about infrastructure dollars and how important infrastructure is,” said Liberal spokesperson Stephen Binder.

But provincial spokesman John Archer said the breakdown of 50 per cent federal, with the other half equally shared by the province and the city, is due to the more flexible rules in the new program.

“It was determined that given the circumstances we’re in right now, the province could do 25 per cent.”

No matter how you slice the pie, the city isn’t complaining. Coun. Shane Keating, Chair of the city’s transportation committee, said he’s happy to see the funding.

He said there’s more funding on the way – $114 million for the southeast LRT that the federal government has yet to approve.

“We do have transportation needs across the city and you can’t expect all of it to go to one project all the time. It has to be spread out evenly, it has to be done,” said Keating.

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