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Calgary DIY blogger to share tips and tricks a Home + Design show

Lacey Haskell sands, stains and renovates to turn her house - into a home

Lacey Haskell is framing DIY blogging with a new angle.

Aaron Chatha / Metro

Lacey Haskell is framing DIY blogging with a new angle.

When she’s not creating floating shelves from leftover Ikea pieces, building a shiplap wall or renovating an entire bathroom in 12 hours, DIY blogger Lacey Haskell can be found sitting back and relaxing with a nice cup of – actually, she’s probably already getting started on another monumental home project.

Haskell is the type of person who gets ecstatic after hand sanding and staining a piece of wood, and treats sending a chair to get reupholstered like a holiday.

“When it came back, it was like Christmas morning,” she laughed. “I stood up in the window waiting for Chris to drive home with the truck.”

That enthusiasm has carried over to her blog, Feathering My Nest, which she’s been running since 2013. The blog was noticed by the organizers of the Calgary Home + Design show, who asked her to lead a workshop series at the show this year.

It’s a fitting milestone for someone who learned at a young age, it’s worth rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself.

“I grew up in a home with a creative mother,” she recalled. “We gave her a palm sander for Mother’s Day one year and a scroll saw for Christmas.

“Ever since I was little, we made stuff. It’s just what we did.”

Aaron Chatha / Metro

It’s a tough market for DIY bloggers to break through – among the countless blogs – and don’t forget Pinterest – Haskell believes it's her pickiness about her projects that makes her blog posts so appealing to readers. She goes through trial and error not to find one way to complete a project – but the best way to complete a project.

“I’ve had a lot of people say, ‘oh, you give so much detail, it’s so helpful,’” she said. “If I’m looking to learn how to do something, it’s nice to share, 'I tried this, it didn’t work and this is why.'”

Looking at her blog, each post comes with a ton of underlines, ellipses and a BAMS or other sound effects – like the instructions are rolling right off Haskell’s tongue and onto the page.

The Calgary Home + Design Show runs Sept. 22 to 25 at the BMO centre, which Haskell where share some tips and tricks.

Her blog can be found at

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