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Nerd rockers catch Calgary on Pokemon-inspired tour

Double Experience specializes in video game-themed music

Double experience is Ian Nichols, Brock Tinsley, and Dafydd Cartwright.


Double experience is Ian Nichols, Brock Tinsley, and Dafydd Cartwright.

Ontario based video game nerd rockers are taking their Lure Tour through Calgary on Oct. 20 at Distortion. Front man Ian Nichols geeked out with Metro about the show.

Q: Double Experience – what is a video game nerd rock band?

A: “I guess it started with the fact we wanted something that was representative of our interests and our worldview. Our interests lie in video games and comic books, so it made sense to go that route with Double Experience because it’s just an extension of who we are as people.”

Q: What’s the music sound like?

A: “When you get into genres, people are like, ‘Oh, you can’t just be a rock band.’ Well, we’re a rock band through and through. We work the nerd angle and the Double Experience aspect in by incorporating things like video games into our lyrics.

It’s like, everyone’s heard that song about, ‘I miss home’ or ‘I miss my girlfriend,’ before but, for us we have those feelings – but how do we discuss them in a way that’s fresh?

We use things like time travel, space – that made sense to us.”

Q: What’s your live show like – I imagine you don’t mind if the audience stops listening to catch a Pokemon.

A: “It’s funny you bring that up, because we’re certainly big proponents of things like that. In this case, we’ve got a life-sized Pokestop that we’re bringing with us. We’ll pop in some lures. We don’t mind at all if someone wants to stop headbanging to catch an Eevee.

Our live show’s very energetic. At the end of the day, people want to go for an experience. If they want to hear you, they’ll listen to you on Spotify, but people want to be entertained. For us, that kind of live show is very important.”

Q: What are you playing right now? 

A: We’re pretty big into Pokemon Go right now – we just stopped to take out a gym actually.

But in terms of console game, we’re huge fans of Destiny. We wrote a song about it, we love it that much.

We’d probably be into a lot more games, but obviously we’re away on tour, and when we get back things have changed in Destiny, so we’re catching up. This tour in particular we left two days after Rise of Iron released, so there’s going to be a whole host of new content to get involved it. It’s kind of been the pattern the last few years.”

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