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Calgary Justice Film Festival lineup released

Festival scheduled to bring in experts to discuss topics after each film

Two refugees featured in the film 19 Days, are shown seeing snow for the first time.


Two refugees featured in the film 19 Days, are shown seeing snow for the first time.

The first few days of being a refugee in Canada are hard.

That’s what Asha Siad and her sister, Roda Siad, want to show in their documentary, 19 Days, set to appear in the completely free Marda Loop Justice Film Festival (MLJFF) from Nov. 15 to 20.

Set in the Calgary neighbourhood of Bridgeland, the documentary follows several refugee families from the Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre.

“It really shows you what it’s like to be a refugee today,” said Asha. “So our film, 19 Days is about a unique resettlement centre in Canada that was designed to look and feel like a home in order to ease the transition of refugees.”

According to Caitlin Logan of the MLJFF, Calgary is the perfect place for people to explore these issues to be able to see not only what is happening in their own back yard, but across the globe.

Other notable films include Sonic Sea, which explores the impact of industrial and military ocean noise on marine life and Future Baby, which delves into the research on optimizing the human genome to fit the hopes and wishes of future parents.

“We’re showing films from all over the world, focusing on issues of justice, so human rights, and environmental and socially significant issues.” said Logan.

Unique to the festival, after every film an expert in the area of the topic of the film has a discussion with the audience to generate a deeper conversation about the issues that plague our society.

“We want people to think about it past what they’ve just watched.” said Logan.

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