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New Alberta curriculum to be built by subject experts and industry leaders

Alberta Education is expected to launch their curriculum survey so all Albertans can give their input

Minister Eggen is expected to announce the curriculum survey open to all Albertans, Tuesday.

Lucie Edwardson / Metro

Minister Eggen is expected to announce the curriculum survey open to all Albertans, Tuesday.

Industry leaders and future employers will be among those helping guide Alberta Education in their journey to build the best curriculum possible for Alberta’s kids.

Alberta Education is in the first stages of their four-year plan to overhaul the province’s curriculum for the six main subject areas (math, social studies, sciences, arts education, language arts—English and French—and wellness education,) and said after teachers and subject experts have laid out the foundation for the new curriculum, they’ll be seeking the input of those who Alberta’s youth will eventually be working for.

“Industry experts, meaning future employers will be able to tell us what they’re looking for in a new graduate, what are the skills and knowledge base they need to run successful companies,” said Larissa Liepens , press-secretary for Alberta Education minister, David Eggen.

But first Liepens said teachers will be working with subject experts—like university professors—on building the basis of the curriculum.  She said teachers from across the province, as well as the North West Territories and Nunavut have been invited to participate in these subject expert working groups.

“The teachers bring their collective expertise and their professional experience and their judgment to this job, and then they study the most current academic literature on curriculum and they also look at best practices from other high-performing jurisdictions,” she said.

Liepens said after these consultations have taken place the actual process of writing the new curriculum will begin, followed by something called the curriculum development application— a digital platform that allows teachers to plan across subjects, connect with teachers across the province, and allow Alberta Education to freely update the curriculum.

“It’ll be a more organic, collaborative process,” she said.

The average Albertan will also have their chance to give their two cents with an online survey. Eggen and Alberta’s Premier, Rachel Notley, are expected to announce the launch of the survey Tuesday. 

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