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Cautious optimism with launch of Alberta Education curriculum review survey

Calgary parent group said until they see who makes up the expert working groups it will be hard to endorse Minister David Eggen's Future Ready initiatives

Minister Eggen said this is the most comprehensive survey ever done by Alberta Education.

Lucie Edwardson / Metro

Minister Eggen said this is the most comprehensive survey ever done by Alberta Education.

Alberta Education’s curriculum survey is “a start,” says a city parent group.

On Tuesday, education minister David Eggen announced his Future Ready initiative, which includes an online survey “to ensure that parents and other concerned Albertans have their say during a comprehensive review of the province’s K-12 curriculum.”

“It’s a pretty big deal, it’s an unprecedented reach into the public in terms of input into education or curriculum,” said Eggen, adding the survey was live and people can fill it out right away.  

Lisa Davis, spokeswoman for the Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils ( CAPSC ) said the survey is “certainly a start,” but added that the rubber really hits the road with the subject expert working groups.

“I think we certainly have a concern that independent voices are not sitting at the decision table,” she said.

Davis said until the list of people who make up the expert groups is released it’s difficult for CAPSC to endorse the initiative one way or another

“We hope the next engagement would have more details about the direction than this current survey does, otherwise it’s very difficult to provide any meaningful feedback,” she said.

The minister said there will also be live interactions and meetings all across the province, hosted by the curriculum consortia.

Eggen said after this survey closes Nov. 18, they will collect all the information, evaluate and analyze it before bringing it back to the public for further engagement.

“Of course this is not just the beginning of the end, this is the beginning,” he said. “It’s a combination of vigour , careful research and the employment of best practice that will ensure we get our fingers on the pulse of where Albertans want to go with curriculum .”

President of the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA), Helen Clease, said they support the ministry’s mission to improve education and skills training for Alberta learners.

Clease encouraged everyone, including boards, parent councils and communities to participate in the survey and provide their thoughts and ideas.

“We want to ensure an education in Alberta meets the needs of learners today, and well into the future,” she said.

Eggen said they want to hear from all interested Albertans. To fill out the survey click here. 

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