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Federal government throws support behind Calgary's Green Line in Fall Economic Statement

Councillor Shane Keating said this puts pressure on provincial government to invest in project

According to Shane Keating the Green Line LRT  is a project that will impact Calgary for decades to come.

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According to Shane Keating the Green Line LRT is a project that will impact Calgary for decades to come.

The federal government has officially thrown support behind Calgary’s Green Line, and that’s mounting pressure on the provincial government to do the same.

In the 2016 Fall Economic Statement released last week, the federal government outlined its second phase of investments in transit infrastructure which included the Green Line at the top of the list.

“To support the next phase of ambitious public transit projects, the government proposes an investment of $25.3 billion over the next 11 years,” the statement said.

Previously, the city had only had an election promise of funding from the Trudeau Liberals.

So far the federal government has promised $1.53 billion towards the project, while the city has approved $1.53 billion. According to Councillor Shane Keating, the province needs to realize the Green Line would eliminate greenhouse gases and give better transit to “hundreds of thousands of people who don’t have great options at the moment”.

Currently, the Green Line project is estimated to cost between $4.5 and $5 billion. Although Keating admits it’s likely going to be closer to $5 billion with the track running from the SE community of Seaton to the North Point

Keating said the Green Line fits with the current mandate of the NDP government, so he doesn’t understand why the province can’t contribute the remaining 33 per cent.

“It’s just a matter of them to realize that there’s three partners in this project and two of them are willing to state today that we’re in support of it,” he said.

Keating also said they will submitting a formal application for funding to the federal government hopefully by the end of this year. An application has already been sent to the provincial government.

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