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Edmonton Crown to handle case of ex-Calgary policeman charged with kidnapping

CALGARY — A Crown prosecutor from Edmonton will handle the case of a former Calgary police officer who faces 11 criminal code charges that include kidnapping and obstruction of justice.

Denis McHugh, who is 35, is also charged with break and enter, breach of the peace, two counts of fraudulently obtaining a computer service and five counts of breach of trust.

McHugh resigned his position as constable earlier this month after eight years on the job.

His lawyer, Alain Hepner, told court that he is still waiting for an electronic disclosure of evidence from the Edmonton prosecutor.

The matter has been set over until Dec. 9.

Police say a man and a woman came forward in January alleging two cases of harassment.

An investigation revealed that the woman had been stopped in a Calgary parking lot in July 2015 for traffic violations and her vehicle was towed.

An officer drove the woman home, but she alleges she was confined in the back of a locked police vehicle for 3 1/2 hours.

The same police officer allegedly met the woman and her boyfriend six months later in front of their home, told the man to wait in his car and followed the woman into her house without permission.

The investigation also found the officer was using Calgary Police Service databases to obtain information about the complainants.

McHugh wasn't in court when the case came up on Tuesday.


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