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Our Lady Peace founder to mentor Alberta bands

Raine Maida teaches song writing to Calgary’s up-and-comers

Raine Maida is one of the founding members of the band Our Lady Peace.

Courtesy Matthew Guido

Raine Maida is one of the founding members of the band Our Lady Peace.

A few handpicked Alberta musicians are getting a master class in song writing from the front man of Our Lady Peace, Raine Maida.

As part of the RBC Master in Residence Mentorship Program at the National Music Centre, Maida will hold one-on-one workshops Wednesday with folk-soul band Copperhead from Calgary, as well as The Royal Foundry and Two Bears North from Edmonton.

Maida was asked by the NMC to choose the bands he wanted to mentor.

“I’m just looking for something slightly original these days,” Maida said. “If you had to identify one factor that’s really important (to me) in this noisy media world, that originality is probably most important.”

Maida does admit there’s no one right way to write a song. He began writing his songs strictly on based acoustic guitars or piano – then he would take it to the band.

Over the years, just to change things up, Maida began starting more with the rhythm elements or specific phrases.

“I was challenging myself,” he said. “You do get kind of bored writing the same way all the time.”

At the end of the day, he still judges a song by whether he can go back and play it on an acoustic guitar.

What he does hope to impart is some inspiration for what he feels is missing in modern song writing.

“I feel like what we’re lacking right now musically is a really strong advocacy voice,” he said, in reference to recent world events. “If you go back to Dylan or Joan Baez – we were talking about Ohio, that song by Neil Young, and you know, it was a protest song.

“I feel like we’re missing that element right now in music.”

On the whole, he does feel like Alberta has some very strong upcoming musicians – landing on these three bands was a tough process.

Maida will also hold a public event on Nov. 30, at 3:30 p.m. at NMC's facility, Studio Bell.

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