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Calgary’s Ashley Jette selected as Mrs. International Canada

A formidable, beautiful and happily married queen

Ashley Jette took home the crown in a pageant aimed at married women.

Courtesy Candice Ward

Ashley Jette took home the crown in a pageant aimed at married women.

Canada’s Mrs. International competition has crowned Calgary’s Ashley Jette to represent the country at the global pageant next year.

Jette has been married for more than six years and has a two-year-old son at home.

That’s important, because Mrs. International is a contest strictly for married women – one of the rules states contestants must be married a minimum of six months before they can participate.

“There aren’t that many pageants available for married women – at least in Canada,” she said. “I’m a person of faith, so I really think God gave us families because they make us happy. I think it’s the best place to learn to love other people, learn to be yourself and be happy.”

Husbands play a direct part in the show, escorting their wives during the evening gown portion – and the husband places the crown on the winner.

Jette acknowledged there could be a bit of stigma around married women in the pageant world. Jette had been participating in pageants since the age of 13 as a hobby, but when she was married at 23, suddenly there were fewer opportunities for her to compete.

Which is a shame, because a fair amount of pageantry is centred on being a good ambassador for the year and carrying a strong platform, according to Jette.

“Pageantry, in my experience, has a lot less to do with beauty than people think it does,” she said.

Jette developed her platform around something important to her – and her family.

Her father was actually adopted by her grandparents, and after her grandparents passed, Jette helped her father track down his birth mother, to let her know her son had grown up happy with a good family.

The experience inspired Jette to join Motherhood Matters, a mentorship program for teen or young mothers. With her Mrs. International crown, Jette hopes to advocate for more supports systems to help young mothers.

Next August, Jette will fly to West Virginia for the final leg of the pageant.

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