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Calgary council still not there on Highland Park development

Administration to work more on green space in the former golf course

An artist's rendition of the proposed development.

Courtesy Maple Projects

An artist's rendition of the proposed development.

At what was described as a “hot mess” by councillor Druh Farrell, Calgary City Council worked for hours on the Highland Park golf course development, only to defer the matter to March 20.
The developer, Maple Projects Inc., wants to build up to 2,070 units over 50 acres at the now-defunct Highland Park Golf Course. Area residents have been pushing for changes to the design, and protection of the green space.
Councillors did make some headway, approving first and second reading on some of the bylaws needed for the development to go ahead, and altering them slightly to require slope adaptive design.
Slope adaptive design means the building would be built into the hill, rather than having fill brought in to make the area more level.
Area Coun. Sean Chu proposed a number of amendments, and not all of them were accepted. A plan to require 85 Per cent of the parking to be underground or within the structures was defeated.
Speaking with reporters after the matter had been set over, Mayor Naheed Nenshi explained that council approved most of the development, except for a large central portion of the development that would have a public space.
“They sent administration away to better work with the applicant and the community on the green space plan,” he said.
“I don’t think anybody thinks this is a great plan,” said the mayor. “It’s between those who think this is as good as it’s going to get, and those who said it’s got to get better.”

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