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Developer pitching 80-storey residential tower for Edmonton

Shade restrictions would likely prevent anything similar in Calgary's core

This 80-storey tower is being proposed for Edmonton’s river valley.


This 80-storey tower is being proposed for Edmonton’s river valley.

We can forgive you if you haven’t heard about a proposal to build an 80-storey tower in Edmonton.

After all, we’re in Calgary, and you were probably too busy looking at our amazing skyline and thinking about how lucky you are to live here, and not in Edmonton.

Yet our skyline could be trumped by the so-called City of Champions if a proposal by Alldritt Land Corporation is approved.

The Quarters Hotel and Residences would be head and shoulders above anything else in Western Canada.

So it begs the question, could we build something that tall here?

It’s unlikely according to Mark Sasges, a community planning coordinator with the city of Calgary.

He explained that height restrictions in our downtown are based around density, but also shadows that the buildings cast.

“Certain public plazas as well as the Bow River - and in some cases the Bow River banks – you cannot cast a building shadow on those areas,” he said.

Bow Tower is built at the very limit of its height based on these restrictions, according to Sasges.

Edmonton’s 80-storey behemoth is still probably a decade away, but the city is currently having serious talks over the land and zoning.

To be fair, work is already underway in Edmonton on the Stantec Tower, which will be four meters taller than Brookfield Place, Calgary’s tallest building.

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