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Giant bears rampage through Calgary and other Canadian cities

Comic book When Big Bears Invade is the Canuck answer to Godzilla

In When Big Bears Invade, cities like Calgary are creatively leveled by the behemoths.

Courtesy Nyco Rudolph

In When Big Bears Invade, cities like Calgary are creatively leveled by the behemoths.

America has King Kong.

Japan has Godzilla.

Now Canada gets it’s own grizzly giant monster on a rampage – a really big bear.

Alexander Finbow, comic publisher and love of giant monster movies, lamented that fact that it’s always New York, San Francisco or Tokyo getting ripped apart in media.

Where’s the rage for Toronto, Montreal – or his beloved Calgary?

Finbow decided to solve the problem himself, by partnering with Manitoba artist Nyco Rudolph to create a children’s fable (that’s not quite for children) about invading Canadian cities.

The book, When Big Bears Invade, is framed as story a grandmother tells to the little kiddies, about how Canada’s bears became fed up because humans were destroying the environment. So, they strike back – targeting every major Canadian city.

“We had a lot in there and actually had to cut it down,” laughed Finbow, adding he came up with a concept for literally every city, but could only make the book so big.

“Edmonton made the cut. A bear uses the new Rogers arena as a hockey puck to shoot through downtown.”

In Calgary, a giant bear literally rips the city from the ground like a tablecloth. In Toronto, a grizzly swings the CN Tower like a club. The great whites from the north have a polarizing opinion on the oilsands – so they drop giant glaciers on them.

And just when the country is getting their bearings – enter the bear-nado.

Okay, let’s paws for a second. Obviously, Finbow had a ton of fun writing the comic, the panda-emic level demolition isn’t the only reason people love monster films. It’s about representation.

“My guess is we take pride in a place that we call home or have an affinity with,” he explained. “They feel a privilege that my city is important enough to destroy.”

Finbow has been writing comics for 10 years. He runs Arts Entertainment with Aaron Grant, who has written for Batman.

Look out for the book premiere at this year’s Calgary Comic Expo.

If it’s successful, he hopes to make a second book using the cities that were cut for this issue.

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