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Calgary police to review 'unfounded' sexual-assault cases

Calgary police said they want to participate in the review of unfounded sexual-assault to find ways to improve their processes and be more efficient

The Calgary Police Service said their review could include looking at

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The Calgary Police Service said their review could include looking at "unfounded" sexual-assault cases from the last five years.

The Calgary Police Service said they will be reviewing their practices and policies—and possibly cases from the last five years—involving “unfounded sexual assaults.”

Last week the Globe and Mail reported that 32 police forces across the country had launched investigations into more than 10,000 recent sexual-assault complaints following a Globe investigation that “exposed serious flaws in law-enforcement practices across the country.”

Staff Sgt. Bruce Walker, of the CPS sex crimes unit, said CPS is one of the 32 forces participating in a review and that they will likely be looking at unfounded files from the last number of years. 

Walker explained that a case is labelled as unfounded if there the “evidence doesn’t support the allegations.”

Walker said that in 2015, of the 625 sexual assault complaints CPS found only 48 (7.6 per cent) to be unfounded. Only 10.4 per cent between 2010 and 2014 were unfounded. 

According to Walker CPS is in the very early stages of this review and still doesn’t know the extent of it or what the review will fully entail, but he said the goal of the review is to “re-evaluate.”

“We’re hoping that we’re constantly re-evaluating and if we need to move forward with our re-evaluation our process and how we do things,” he said. “ We’re looking for ways our frontline officers can be more efficient as we provide consistent training to members.”

Number of unfounded sex-assault cases in Calgary by year

2011: 58

2012: 72

2013: 55

2014: 72

2015: 48

Total: 305

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