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ClickDishes app partners with Calgary restaurants for faster ordering

The app is already lined up to work with Bourbon Street Grill, Edo, Opa and more.

Vicki Zhou and Carman Kwong show off the ClickDishes app at the KE Grill.

Aaron Chatha / Metro

Vicki Zhou and Carman Kwong show off the ClickDishes app at the KE Grill.

Calgary’s restaurant servers are going to have a lot more time to chat.

Local startup ClickDishes is an app that handles everything from showing the menu, taking orders and processing the check – streamlining the whole food ordering process at busy restaurants.

“Because all of their more cumbersome activities like taking orders and payments are handled, they can spend more time getting to know their customers and really providing the best service they can,” said Carman Kwong, product manager.

This isn’t a garage startup either – the group has already raised $1.6 million in funding and has partnered up with high-profile chains in Calgary, including Bourbon Street Grill, Carl's Jr., Cinnzeo, Opa!, Edo Japan, and more.*

Basically, users download the app and when they get to the restaurant, they scan the QR code at their table. This also clues the restaurant in, so they can monitor when the party has ordered or paid their bill.

Aaron Chatha / Metro

Users at the same table then use their individual phones to flip through the menu, decide what they want, and place an order – everyone can see what the others have ordered as well.

The servers are still on hand to answer questions, make recommendations and generally make the evening a pleasant one.

Once the meal is done, the group can pay directly through the app – dividing things up equally, having everyone pay for their own tab, or divvying it up in other ways. The app even stores credit card information, making payment a snap.

Although other chains have their own apps, co-founder Vicki Zhou said it’s easier for the customers is restaurants handle orders through a single app, like ClickDishes.

“You’re not going to download one app for one restaurant to make one order per week,” she said.

It’s even set up to take to-go orders, so you can order from the road and pick up at a restaurant.

As ClickDishes prepares to launch, users can sign up for early access through

*Correction, Thursday Feb. 23: An earlier version of this article mistakenly identified The Keg as a participating restaurant. The Keg currently as no plans to work with Click Dishes. Metro regrets the error.

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