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Calgary's Theatre Junction preps an electro DJ set – without the DJ

Cabaret Contemporain brings Transistor to Calgary

The musicians are classically trained, using filters to create live, electronic-type sounds.

Courtesy Theatre Junction

The musicians are classically trained, using filters to create live, electronic-type sounds.

Theatre Junction is gearing up for an epic DJ set – one entirely without drum machines, sequencers or pre-recorded sounds of any kind.

French performers Cabaret Contemporain pull this off by playing every instrument themselves, live in the moment, in a style that really feels more like an electronic dance party than a classical concert.

“We don’t stop the music, and we don’t know necessarily what tune we’ll play next,” laughed guitarist Giani Caserotto. “So, we have to listen to each other, to switch to different tunes. It’s always different - there’s lots of improvisation.”

The group often plays through filters, so the sounds are made with traditional instruments, but sound electronic.

It creates a wilder, party-like atmosphere – one they’re happy to bring to Calgary once again.

See, the band played in the city three years ago. They explained that when they play, because there are no sequencers or anything to help them out, they’re usually very focused on the music and each other.

However, three years ago in Calgary, bassist Ronan Courty was so caught up in the audience and the vibe, he dropped what he was doing, ran out into the crowd and started dancing.

“I don’t know why – I just felt good,” Courty recalled.

Even through the unexpected the group has learned to trust each other completely. They’ve been playing together for five years, but actually all met in school – so they’ve had years to develop a bond, which shows on stage.

"The music of Cabaret Contemporain is pure sonic love,” said Theatre Junction artistic director Mark Lawes, in a statement. “In the spirit of their sound, which re-imagines contemporary music, Theatre Junction will create the dance floor needed for their dynamic performance.”

The show, Transistor, runs at Theatre Junction until Feb. 25. Visit for more information.

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