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Calgary Airport LRT might link to all three CTrain lines: Keating

City looking at both light rail and shuttle options in early design stage

City administration is beginning its baseline plans of how an airport transit line might work.

On the city’s annual RouteAhead update, going before the transportation and transit committee on Wednesday, the Airport Rail Connection is listed as one of three projects up for planning and pre-design.

Coun. Shane Keating said there have been discussions about how exactly to do it for a while.

“It’s always been a look-and-see and how can we do it and were should we be able to do it,” said Keating.

He said they've yet to drill down and see the most efficient way to do it, but he said there are lots of options.

One is to have a spur line that runs from the airport to one of the outlying Blue Line stations. He said there’s also a possibility of having that spur link into the Green Line and even the Red Line.

“It would make it kind of a crosstown system,” said Keating.

Keating said the connector might not be a rail system. It might be a shuttle.

Either way, he thinks giving people the ability to quickly access one of the city’s three line’s near the airport is preferable to having people ride all the way into the core to transfer, where stations are busier.

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